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Mets Mots Restaurant Bordeaux

Our Menus

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Our universe

The Restaurant

Mets Mots is above all a story of friends and love.

After 7 years spent with chef Pierre Gagnaire, we decided to join forces and opened a place in our image.

At the start of 2018, Mets Mots Restaurant was born : a welcoming restaurant in a district undergoing a renaissance.

A human and simple project with a sharp but not elitist cuisine but not stuffy dining room service.

With Marie, our cooker we compose our menus according to the inspirations and the seasons.

Without wanting to categorize our cuisine, we are guided by the basics of French cuisine and the taste of daring associations.

Surrounded by talented producers and inspired by the products that are delivered to us daily directly, our cuisine gives a good place to fresh product.

In the dining room, we strive to welcome guests with attention and good humor. A more human and less academic vision of service while having at heart the attention to detail and availability for the customer.

The owners : Léo Forget, Marion Forget, Romain Grenet

Mets Mots Restaurant Bordeaux
Mets Mots Bordeaux - Le Restaurant

Our Menus

For Lunch

Suggestion menu
– 3 dishes (starter + main course + dessert) 42 €
– 2 dishes (starter + main course or main course + dessert) 32 €

Lunch day menu
– starter + main course + dessert 29 €
– starter + main course or main course + dessert 24 €
Our lunch menu changes everyday, don’t hesitate to contact the team for more details.

Menu Suggestion

– Pâté en croûte, chou rouge confit, gelée d’hibiscus.

– Filet de lieu jaune, crème de pommes de terre cordée au jus de coques et chou rave glacé.


– Quasi de veau, oignons doux et carottes fanes rôties, gnocchis de potimarron, fromage blanc aux olives noires de « Kalamata ».

– Pain de Gênes, crème diplomate, coings pochées, dattes et citrons confits, raisins.

Menu du jour


Salade de lentilles, vinaigrette moutarde à l’ancienne, rillette de poisson.
Salade tiède de panais et pigeons, crème de pommes de terre et poireaux


Filet de lieu noir, purée de céleri, émulsion de coquillage au basilic pourpre.
Sous noix d’agneau, yaourt Grec aux épices, carottes et radis rôties et olives noires.


Assiette de fromages – Fromagerie Nador
Biscuit roulé à la poire.
Crème prise au chocolat, sablé croustillant et caramel.

Mets Mots Restaurant Bordeaux

Tasting menu (6 dishes) 68 €

Whelk / cockles / razor clams pie, kimchi mayonnaise, cauliflower cream and red-meat radish.

– ​​​​Trout gravelax, potatoes puffs with almonds, watercress juice, Breuil cheese, candied lemon.

– ​​​Roasted scallops, pleurote mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke cream and roasted pears, celery bouillon.

– ​Lamb, spinach with harissa caramel, sweet onions pickles, Paris mushrooms and cashew nuts, carrot, parsnip mousse.

Lemon cake and lemon parfait, green tea infusion with limoncello, candied lemon veil. 

Buckwheat biscuit, creamy fennel, anise-poached pear, buckwheat caramel and candied fennel.

For Dinner

6 dishes tasting menu 68 €  (2 starters + 2 main course + 2 desserts) 

4 dishes menu 56 € (2 starters + 1 main course + 1 desserts) 


We are open Monday to Friday for lunch and Tuesday to Friday for dinner. For all bookings beyond 6 people please contact us on 05 57 83 38 24 :

Our engagements

Mets Mots is also a vision and commitments. Aware of the challenges for the profession, for producers and for the planet, we are implementing concrete actions to be an eco-responsible restaurant and limit our impact :  

• Pique Vert: a bottle recycling service in Bordeaux 

• Detritivores: revalorization of green waste in compost

• Plastic: no more plastic bottles in restaurants in favor of glass 

• Supply of short circuits as soon as possible

• Selections of winegrowers sharing our philosophy

• Save paper with electronic tickets 

• All team members come on foot, by bike or by public transport   

Mets Mots Our Engagements

Our Producers

Mets Mots Our Producers

Our cuisine is inseparable from the producers and the products that we select with care. This network of loyal partners allows us to deliver responsible cuisine and work for an economy that makes sense.

• Le local for the vegetables

• La Serre 0 Délices at Biganos for the aromatics herbs

• La Dégust for the oysters

• Anton Boulangerie for the breads

Our second address

Pâtisserie Mots Doux

HéMo for Héméra

“Each pastry is like a Sweet Word that we offer to others or to ourselves.”

Our team will open its pastry shop at 147 rue Fondaudège from mid-May.

A warm and intimate address to buy your pastries or taste them on site.

These pastries will be imagined with our restaurateur’s eyes and built with a subtle balance of flavors and textures. Our proposals will be gourmet but not very sweet, with contrasting textures and original aromatic associations.

To take away or to enjoy on the spot in a modern place with soft and contrasting colors. The research around ornamental and delicate threaded patterns evoke dressings, movements and rhythm specific to the work of pastry.


Mets Mots Restaurant

98 rue Fondaudège, Bordeaux
Openings: Monday and Tuesday only for lunch
From Wednesday to Friday lunches and dinners

Pâtisserie Mots Doux

147 rue Fondaudège, Bordeaux
Openings : Monday from Friday


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